Smart Hospital Management Software


The Smart Hospital Management software is an on-cloud centralised hospital ERP software, controlling all cash and online payment transactions, department transfers, and multi-point billing activities of the hospital. HMS brings transparency in the day by day hospital activities. By using module – appointment management, easily manage patient appointments according to doctor available time, it will reduce waiting area gathering and easy to manage social distancing. The module enhances patient experience from an administrative perspective. This software makes an easy day-to-day task for your hospital. Like: Administration, Doctor availability, Ward availability, etc.

Smart Hospital Management Software is the latest and Complete Hospital Automation Software that fits almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It includes many modules with different dashboards as per roles for users Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Nurse, Receptionist, and Patient.



Smart Hospital Management Software Modules

  • The single entry point for the patient. Now the patient can be entered and selected with a single patient id for all modules
  • Added Birth and Death Record module
  • Medicine list in OPD/IPD prescription
  • The patient can be moved from appointment to OPD/IPD in a single click
  • The patient can be moved from OPD to IPD in a single click
  • Charges, Payment, and Bill feature in OPD
  • Prescription in IPD
  • Manual prescription print in OPD/IPD
  • Added OPD/IPD prescription medicine dosage
  • Predefine OPD consultation charges for doctors
  • Medicine purchase in the pharmacy
  • Medicine import in pharmacy
  • Patient import
  • Printing for payment receipt feature in every module
  • All modules inpatient panel
  • Various new reports
  • % in tax and discount for billing
  • Date of birth filed for the patient for exact age calculation

Our Smart Hospital Management Software is very innovative and based on the latest requirements of various hospitals.


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