Telecom Network Services

We work hard to ensure that our customers have exactly what they need to get the most out of their network investment. Telecom Services Provider, install and maintain business telephone systems, from small analog systems to large digital hybrid IP PBX systems.

Network Planning, Installation & Maintenance

We provide cable system Planning, installation, maintenance, and project management services over the spectrum of data, voice, electronic safety and security, and audio & video technologies, encompassing optical fiber, copper, and wireless based distribution systems. We work with corporates, general contractors, system vendors, architects, IT consultants, AV integrators, and end user clients, we understand the requirements of clients and the importance of delivery time, so work must complete on schedule.

Installation and Commissioning of Telecom Equipments


The installation services are providing works to install all Elements of telecommunication equipment in the Telecomm sites which are required to operate the equipment according to its function. The installation works cover Indoor installation works as the Outdoor works like antenna and feeder cable installation are undertaken in the Telecommunication towers.


Besolve has well trained and experienced experts in BTS commissioning. The work involves:

  • MW Link commissioning
  • SDH Microwave link commissioning with PAT
  • Hit commissioning with PAT
  • BTS Swap and commissioning
  • Extension cabinet commissioning
  • PDH microwave link commissioning with PAT
  • TMA Installation and commissioning
  • 1800 MHz & 2300 MHz e-Node B installation and commissioning

Network Roll Out

  • The site took over from the acquisition team and preparation of site layout and soil testing
  • EB and municipality liaison
  • Civil-Mechanical-Electrical projects for Cell site Infra
  • Turnkey Telecom project rollout
  • Manufacturing of Telecom Towers
  • Project Monitoring Services
  • RF survey
  • Site & System Audits
  • Logistics associated with project rollout
  • Electrical works for BTS including augmentation of utilities at per with load-based design
  • Foundation and erection of telecom tower ranging from RTP (9 meters) to 100 metres.
  • Foundation of Civil shelter and Base Construction of prefab shelter
  • Resource facility management
  • Optic Fibre cable laying
  • BTS & Microwave Installation
  • Single Cell Functionality Test
  • EMF survey & radiation measurement

Network Operation and Maintenance

  • Development and Implementation of Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • Faulty Hardware Repair & Return Management
  • Cell Site Health Checks
  • OFC route surveillance and maintenance
  • Comprehensive/non Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Support for Passive and active Network Element under the managed service category

Site Survey

We undertake a site survey, site engineering, preparation of site-specific drawings, site-specific BOQ & construction details keeping the following parameters.

  • Site location selection according to GPS point
  • BTS room selection
  • Transmission route selection
  • Cell selection
  • Power connection observation
  • Complete report preparing of the site

Site Acquisition

Our site acquisition services include site selection, site searching, site negotiation, site contract preparation, and singing. These are initial requirements for the establishment of any Telecom Infrastructure. Our site acquisition service team will take care of all unnecessary hassles of dealing with building landowners leaving our valued customers and their valuable human resources concentrating on the key.

  • Identification of BTS candidate sites along with customer RF team
  • Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements
  • Preparation of the preference list of options with the report for acquisition
  • Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site
  • Be associated with customer personnel for commercial negotiations & finalisation
  • Agreement with the owner on customer guidelines for the selected candidate site


Training is an integral part of our system. The training is imparted in 2 segments. One is the basic training to people joining the team and the other is update existing Human resources with the latest technology to go by the age. This continuous effort of ours has retained our clients over long years.

Welkin is going to launch a Finishing School and Training Institution for the fresh Engineers who have completed their Engineering Courses on Information Technology and also Telecommunications. Successful students will then appear at the interview and get the opportunity in the job market. This institute will conduct advanced courses for updating the technical knowledge of the existing team working for Besolve.

Presently, the company a fully equipped training center in-house with a Training Hall having Projectors and Video Conferencing facilities and also having a good number of Highly Experienced Telecom Professionals who trains the fresher to get the practical atmosphere to update and upgrade on IT & Telecommunications.

Welkin is having a team of Expert and Experienced Telecom professionals for imparting hands-on training in the below-mentioned segment.

1.BSS :- I&C and O&M on BTS, BSC
2.NSS:- Switch , HLR,VLR, SGSN, GGSN, MGW, PDSN etc
3.RF:- Radio NW optimization & Planning
4.Transmission:- MW I&C, MW Transmission Planning, MW link planning and Link Budget release, I&C and O&M of MUX, Implementation, and Monitoring of NMS for MW and Transmission nodes(MUXs)
5.OMCR:-Monitoring of Active and passive alarms in Transmission and Radio NW trough
6.OMCr and NMS
7.OMCs:-Monitoring of active alarms in NSS through OMCs
Voice Mail

Streamline your voice traffic with a state of the art Voice Processor. Auto-Attendants can answer your incoming calls with your own company greeting and assist the caller to direct her/himself to the appropriate department or individual without the need for a dedicated Receptionist. Voicemail provides answering services for groups or individuals within your business and allows users to have their own individual greetings in day-night and lunch modes. They can even forward your voice messages to you by email to provide a complete solution for the mobile team members.

Call Recording

We can provide your organisation with the facility to record, archive, and monitor voice all of your telephone calls. Experience the benefits of a professional, centralised call recording system. Be able to replay telephone conversations. Send a recording of a conversation by email to colleagues or customers. Protect your organisation’s telephone-based sales and service activities.

Call Management

No matter what size the organisation, a well-managed telephone system is vital to the smooth running of the office. From the conventional call to the transfer of electronic information, whether internal communication or offsite, the performance of your company’s telephone system is key to efficiency.

Intruder Alarms

The idea of an intruder alarm is to simply try and deter a potential burglary occurring at your home, and it works a treat. After all, if your house is alarmed and another house just up the road isn’t then your house is a lot less likely to be targeted. A burglar does not want any attention, he just wants to get in with as little fuss as possible take whatever he wants and leave to go on to the next house, if he triggers an alarm system it could obviously ruin his entire day, noise is his worst enemy because it attracts attention.