Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

If you are interested in a Software Development, ERP, APPs Development, new website, website redesign give a call at +91-981-030-8229 to get started. We will discuss with you all your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once signed off on we will begin the design and develop your work and keep working with you from there.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website varies depending on what you need. Our company does not have set packages, but rather design sites around what you want and need. Smaller sites that don't require a lot of programming will cost a lot less than those requiring extensive programming. Give our company a call if you are looking for an estimate for your site.

How much does a software/APPs cost?

Rates vary, depending on skills, timelines, project nature etc. Typically, a Senior Developer would work at the rate of $25/hour (isn't it too low?).
The cost of software/APPs varies depending on what you need. Our company does not have set packages, but rather design and development around what you want and need. Smaller software/APPs that don't require a lot of programming will cost a lot less than those requiring extensive programming. Give our company a call if you are looking for an estimate for your software/APPs.

If I purchase a website from “BESOLVE”, do I own the website?

Once your website is paid in full you own the website. If any changes or updates are needed we are here to help, but you own your files.

Do you offer website hosting?

“BESOLVE” offers domain registration and hosting service through We also offer a year of FREE hosting with the purchase of a new website.

What benefits can you guarantee?

All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:
Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential
Price guarantee: Minimum 60% cost-saving over on-site development
Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end

What is the quality of people you employ?

The quality of a software development company is ultimately the quality of its people. Our people are very strong for software projects: • Are English-speaking Graduate/Post-Graduate Engineers
• Have multiple years of industry experience
• All people have experience on off-shore projects with US/European clients
• Most people are from premier engineering institutes (IIT, IIM, BITS, REC etc.) or have proven exceptional abilities
• Most Project Leads have spent 2+ years residing in the US/Europe
• Are industry-certified (MCSD, MCP, Sun-certified)
• “BESOLVE”'s selection process includes a 1-hour written technical test, 4+ hours of interviewing, reference checking and actual problem-solving on the computer!

For all that you claim, isn't the rate too low?

The rate is low not because of technical limitation, but simply because we operate from India, where living costs are much lower due to international economies and exchange rates. It is our strategy to pass on these location advantages to our clients.

What are your payment models?

We work either for fixed-price projects, or on per-hour rates basis. For long-term committed clients who prefer time-based billing, we also offer a monthly rate.

What are your payment terms?

For fixed-price projects: Advance: 50%
On design approval: 20%
Beta release: 10%
Final release: 20%
For per-hour rate projects:
These are typical distributions and individual projects may differ in details.

How do you assure confidentiality?

• We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you.
• All our employees are full-time employees, and are bound by the company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.
• Additionally, for sensitive projects, we create isolated cells disconnected from any public network.
• At a practical level, all CD-Writers need authorization for usage. Internet uploads larger than a threshold also need authorization.

Can you guarantee time-bound results?

Yes; in some cases we bear project risks even before the first payment.

We are worried about quality; how do you assure solid projects?

Our developers are dedicated to producing quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs. We concentrate on being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong. Every project goes through the hands of suitable QA/testing professionals, under stringent test-plans including black-box testing, white-box testing, test regression, usage analysis etc.

Why should we trust you?

We believe trust and confidence are the foundation for any successful relationship, and develop only after association over time. The following facts may help demonstrate our commitment to our business:
• We have completed projects for 300+ US/European clients
• We have been 12+ years in business, dedicated to the off-shore execution model
• We are here for the long run; our CEO has global experience with leading technology companies and has started up with a long-term vision
• The team consists of people from global companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Quark, AIG, AT&T, Coca-cola, IBM, Primus etc.
• Our list of references/ testimonials

What contracts and agreements do you sign?

We sign NDAs before initial discussions, and final contracts are drawn out in detail. We are normally bound by the legal framework of our client's country, and are a registered organization in India.

Can you come on-site?

Yes we do, where required. This may be especially useful in initial requirements gathering, final implementation or other pain points. In such cases, our consultants will work on-site at pre-decided rates.

What control do we have over the project?

You will have ability to keep close control over the project. Our assigned Project Manager will be your single point-of-contact for all issue resolution, and will work closely with your guidelines.

How do we keep ourselves informed about progress?

We will send you regular project status reports. We use a combination of pre-determined update schedules (normally email) and ad-hoc meetings (usually tele-conferences, or live chat).

We like the idea, but are unsure. Can we do a Pilot Project?

“BESOLVE” welcomes you to try our services. You may choose to have us do a Pilot Project. We have always succeeded in continuing the relationship after demonstration of ability in a pilot project.
Our preferred Pilot Project is either the first sub-system of a larger project, or an independent project that completes within itself. Pilot Projects are typically within 2-4 weeks' duration.
We invest the same time and energy in Pilot Projects as real projects. You would find the pilot of sufficient quality to continue on the same code. In this sense, Pilots are very different from prototypes.

What types of businesses/companies does your company have experience working with?

“BESOLVE” has experience working with lots of different types and sizes of businesses and organizations. Some of the types of businesses our company has worked with include: law firms, medical, non profits, restaurants, mechanical, industrial and much more! While we have experience with all those types of businesses if you are in the same field or a new industry to us your website will be unique to what you do and who you are.

What will my website look like?

Every website our company designs is laid out and looks completely different than any of other websites. Without actually designing your site we can't tell you exactly what it will look like, but we can determine what it will feature. We work with you to determine what you like and don't like in designs and use your feedback in our design concepts. Once your design is created, our company will work with you to determine if anything needs to be changed and will make as many changes as necessary to get your design perfect!

How long does a take to build a website?

It depends on the size of your website. Smaller websites which don't require much programming typically take 30-45 days. Larger websites requiring a good amount of programming and database work can take anywhere from 90 days on up, depending on how large it is. Actual time to develop a website will vary from project to project and depends on client approval times. Click here to read more about our website process.

What kind of search engine rankings do you guarantee?

With the search engines there is never a guarantee. Our company takes advantage of as many factors as possible to get you the best possible search engine ranking. However, no one knows all the factors used to determine ranking so there is no possible way to guarantee where you will rank.

Can you SEO my website?

There are some small changes that can be made to some pre-existing websites to get you a better ranking. You might see small changes in your search engine ranking with SEO changes made. However, the best possible website ranking is always seen with a website that is designed and planned to be search engine optimized.

Why am I not getting traffic to my website?

It's hard to say. Every site is set up differently so the reason why your site is not seen in the search engines is going to be different than another site. If your site was not designed and built to show up high in searches it is usually hard to get a good amount of traffic to the website.