About Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management System, Our HMS offers this as a well integrated module helpful in managing drug distribution, stock management and in monitoring functions of an incorporated pharmacy outlet in a healthcare center. This module works by receiving the prescriptions from the consulting doctors that automatically reflects into dispensing unit to a respective patient which does not require any manual intervention.

Brief Description

The Medical Sector is the most important sector in a community and therefore, development of this sector is very important. So to enable operational efficiency across the Pharmacy Management system is required. With the right implementation of the software you can benefit in many ways and also it makes the management very easy. The software helps in addressing the Shortages, Streamlining the work, Smooth running of the pharmacy, getting Prompt and Correct Reports as and when required, and Centralized data storage with security. And last but not the least; the software will help in Customer Satisfaction.

Modules & Sub-Modules:

Medicine Purchase Request & Order
Drug issue to Patients and Billing
Supplier & Manufacturer Information
Maintenance of Medicine Stock
Automatic Reorder Level / Minimum Stock Setting
Return of items nearing Expiry
Destruction of Expired Items
Physical stock verification and adjustment
Stock in Hand reports with complete details of Medicines
The software is Customizable & generates Several Reports

Benefits of Our Pharmacy Management Software

Simple and Efficient User Interface Design as all key elements taken care of while designing. And this makes it User Friendly

The software is secure and Reliable as all major threats are considered and all preventive measures are taken in the software

Centralized Data Storage and Easy & Interactive Retrieval of the data

It Prompts & Quickly provides the information and analysis about the business which will help in the better decision making

Important & Useful features like Minimum Stock Alert and Expiry Date Alert are available in the software.

It is not just pharmacy management software but a complete Supply Chain Management

Barcode reader can be integrated to easily record the details and thereby speed up the sale process

Smart User Management as it assigns different privileges to the different users. Not only this, you can manually set the parameters for different users

Wide Range of Modules keeping in mind all the requirements with separate login for pharmacy employees and administrator

The software is Flexible and Customizable as per your needs

Helps to increase the Productivity & Profitability

Low cost of ownership