About CRM

CRM software or customer relationship management software supports front office operations and the customer service, sales, and marketing functions. CRM software is available as stand-alone software packages and in more recent years.

Brief Description

In mid-market or higher end ERP systems, CRM software functionality will be feature rich and fully integrated with other ERP modules such as manufacturing, warehousing, or purchasing. This real-time access to data will help enhance the standard CRM software functions of lead generation, quoting, support call management by providing more a comprehensive data set to allow the sales and marketing team to behave in a more predictable and proactive manner. This integrated approach to CRM software will assist organizations in delivering high levels of customer service and ultimate customer satisfaction.
A list of required system features has a format similar to the following, a format that can often be found in requests for proposal (RFPs). Feature requirements do not describe any specific behaviors.

The CRM Software must support the following:

Contact Management
Outlook Integration
Google Apps Integration
Account Management
Opportunity Management
Case Management
Knowledge Base
Field Service
Email Marketing Integration

Business Requirements

A high-level business requirements document is an analysis of current pain points and possible business solutions. It does not cover CRM product features per se. This document is usually derived from stakeholder and end-user interviews. The document can include problem/solution pairings and current state/desired future state pairings. The business requirements document should ideally have an associated slide deck that can be used in a workshop for presentation and validation of findings.

Benefits of Our CRM Software

Decision making is nimble and well informed supported by real-time CRM reporting across all business areas.

Effective time management as CRM prompts users to follow up on activities and automates alerts when important events occur, or if actions are missed.

Higher quality lead generation from marketing activities by leveraging CRM customer segmentation to send targeted campaigns and personalized messages that resonate.

Pipeline reports are trusted and are used as the basis for reliable sales and production forecasts to predictably manage cash flow.

Performance hotspots are quickly identified enabling timely action to be taken to correct issues and reward outstanding achievers.

The value of each client relationship is understood ensuring that resources are prioritized to protect the most profitable accounts.